Investment Strategy


Information Technologies, Communications Technologies, Enabling Technologies

Sample Segments:

Wireless and connectivity, Content storage/distribution, Web-based applications, Next-generation computing, Advanced materials, Energy management and IT infrastructure


Early to expansion stage

Technology-based advantages beyond the ordinary

Entrepia seeks companies with a strong technology underpinning. In an exit market inhospitable to IPOs, portfolio companies anchored on clearly superior technologies are more attractive to potential acquirers and have an edge in seeking M&A based exits.

Given that technology advantages are besieged as soon as discovered, Entrepia focuses on investing in companies where extraordinary technology confers an “unfair advantage”, as evidenced through IP patents, affiliation with reputable academic institutions and industry validation. While sometimes difficult to measure precisely, a 3x or more advantage over incumbents or other competing solutions is targeted.

AsiaLINK™ refers to the marketing, distribution, product development, financing and strategic steps that help Canadian and U.S. portfolio companies prepare for and avail the advantages of Asia’s large markets and advanced technologies. Entrepia’s extensive relationships unlock the often difficult to penetrate Asian markets for its portfolio companies and often allows them to generate significant additional value than would otherwise be possible through investment from traditional North American based venture firms.

While AsiaLINK™ is not a cookie-cutter process, Entrepia’s support for portfolio companies in Asia is typically built from the following six activities and milestone elements:

  • Pre-marketing and overall strategy

  • Distribution/marketing partner agreements

  • Product enhancement and modification

  • Human resources and operations support

  • Revenue generation from Asia

  • Strategic and financing support

Active investor mindset

Entrepia’s investment professionals have a company-building philosophy and actively engage with portfolio company management frequently in between Board meetings on strategy, business development, human resources and financing.